The Traditional Techniques Fishing Mattanza

Free interpretation of the XVIIth century's motif of Palermo by
"Tre Erre Ceramiche"

Sicily still retains some of its age-old traditions both in the working and social fields. Tunny fishing, for example, still uses the traditional techniques (“Mattanza”), as does tuna fishing in the Favignana Island. The production of ceramic articles is still considerable. Excellent Sicilians wines are still appreciated worldwide.
Among local religious cults, the celebrations in honour of the patron saint. The most famous of the see is the so-called  in Palermo (13-15 July), characterised by the Processions of the "Triumphal Chariot"  and of the silver urn of the "Santuzza", as palermitans call their patron Saint.

"Festino of St.Rosalia" (1840)

Celebration of the Assumption

Messina celebrates the feast of the Mid-August Madonna (15 August) with the procession of the vara (processional bier) of Our Lady of the Assumption and of the two Giants on horseback, the mythical forefathers of the people of Messina.
Catania celebrates St. Agatha, the patron saint, by carrying her reliquary laden with precious objects through the city streets, pulled by dozen of believers wearing the traditional white “sackcloth” (in February). But the scenographic form taken by these festivals are innumerable, and each town and village in Sicily has its own. Besides local saints’ festivals, the religious celebrations of the Holy Week are also of deep significance for Sicilian people. Particularly suggestive are those held in Enna, Caltanissetta and Trapani. A cycle of celebrations with different characteristics is that of the Byzantine Holy Week at Piana degli Albanesi.

Celebration of  St. Agatha