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Mondello is a small town near the city of Palermo in the autonomous region of Sicily in Southern Italy. The beach lies between two cliffs called Monte Gallo and Monte Pellegrino. The town was originally a small fishing village situated on marshland, but at the end of the 19th Century it grew into a center of tourism. Since 1985 Mondello is home to the World Windsurfing Festival, renamed in 2001 World Festival on the Beach, an annual event that brings together various manifestations of sports (windsurfing, sailing, kite, beach volleyball, etc..), And musical performances, for their international connotation, transform the town in Sicily in a village of great interest.

Palermitan beach resort par excellance, Mondello extends along a delightful bay, from the foot of Monte Pellegrino to the foot of Monte Gallo. One of the most famous beach resort in the island, it has experienced a considerable development since the post-war period which, however, has not affected the extensive green areas surrounding private houses, hotels and places of amusement. Many Palermitans have chosen to live in Mondello, a place that can be rightly called a garden city, far from the nearby city’s busy traffic.

The old fishing village lies at the northern end of the bay, on the site of an ancient “tonnara” (tunny-fishery) whose 15C round tower is still visible. Another coeval watch tower stand aloof on the furthermost spur to the west of the bay. The beginning of the century, when the Belle Epoque was at its height, witnessed the first elite settlements, which would continue throughout the period between the two wars. Of great interest are: Villa Dagnino (1914), Villa Pojero (1915) and the Sea Kursaal (bathing establishment), built in late floreal style in fashion at the time.

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